Candle helps you identify and understand the trustworthiness of information.

We deserve to know what we can trust.
Candle is designed to help.

Our Purpose

The rise of disinformation and the erosion of trust in major news outlets is a major narrative of our age. As consumers of information, we are left to our own devices when it comes to figuring out what to trust and how to evaluate the quality and credibility of the information we encounter.

Candle is creating a set of tools to make more sense of information. Our search engine built on Bing and augmented with neutrality and trustworthiness indicators from various third-party sources, and our proprietary assessments.

Candle Beta

Consider the search engine our first exploration into empowering the consumers of information to make better decisions about what to trust. We aim to develop more tools to help readers get better information.



We will inform you how our search results and quality evaluations are constructed, how our quality evaluation method works, and what factors affect the evaluations.


Candle employs the expertise of highly skilled readers and researchers — such as social scientists in and outside of academia — in conducting quality evaluations. As we scale our quality evaluation capabilities, human expertise will remain at the center.


Candle does not track you as you move around the internet. We will never share information you provide via your use of the service. All website usage tracking is anonymized.

These principles are partly descriptive and partly prescriptive: we are putting these principles into action as we build out the beta release of Candle!

Read our FAQ for more information